Meleleuca dover Pennsylvania Review


Not only does this company promise many things you DO NOT get, they also take money without notifying you. nI did not order anything due to family problems, they took it upon themselves and took $50.00 out of my bank account. nIf you don’t order they are supposed to send you a “gift cert”” saying you need to buy double the next month. They do NOT do that. nThey make it impossible to be promoted within time frames making themselves richer and you poorer! nThey lie

they are deceiving

their products can’t be that great if they have to “”TRICK”” customers into buying a membership. nI regret ever thinking about their company and trying to get family members to do the same. I hope they do not SCAM anyone else into becoming a “”Preffered Customer”” nOnly certain “”customers”” are able to make money! It is a fact in their books you spend $35.00 on. nThis program is IMPOSSIBLE! ! ! ! ! ! Save your money for something worthwhile! nElishandover


3910 S. Yellowstone Hwy Idaho Falls, Idaho U.S.A.

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