Melanie Hart – Columbus, Georgia Georgia


Melanie Hart knew my husband was married, knew we were trying to conceive, and yet constantly messaged with my husband. She sent him many erotic fantasies and video after video and photos after photo of herself masturbating for my husband and calling him Daddy. She’s a third grade teacher in the public school system. Apparently she doesn’t care about kids enough to give a sh!t how their affair would affect the 3 children we already had, or to give a sh!t about the two other pregnancies I went through while she was cheating with my ex. She is also a photographer, so she spends pretty much 100% of her time around families either at school or capturing their memories forever, but apparently none of what she sees ever showed her the value of a family, and she needed to dismantle mine. She sent videos of herself masturbating to my husband the day after he and I had gone to the first ultrasound for our last baby, and couldn’t find a heartbeat. Thanks for always being available for cheering him up, Melanie.

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By Ronald

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