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Married still now for 13 years. Together for 17 years. Used to be best friends in high school. Husband ran off at age 35 with a 22 year old evil girl named Mei HO who worked with him. She knew he was married with a child and saw me come into their workplace pregnant with our 2nd. She did not care. She chose to pursue a relationship with him. I spent my pregnancy alone and he would never come home. After our 2nd baby was 5 months old he ran away to San Francisco with her. He has no contact with our kids and pays NO CHILD SUPPORT. Both of them are LOW LIFE Selfish Narcissistic evil people. || She posts pictures of them together on his Facebook page and hers. Unbelievable. Hurts to the core. I feel shattered when I see pictures of them. My kids hurt because they don’t have a dad. Thanks a lot to that evil witch. And his selfishness. They are in San Francisco working at Japanese restaurant. He goes by Ken or Shin Hayashi.

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By Ronald

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