Meghann danielle reed – Biggest sleeze in Taylorsville ky Kentucky


She is a disgrace for a mother, a homewrecker to many. She will have sex with any guy out there. Shes known to leave her daughter upstairs while she runs out and meets strangers in her car or go over to there house having sex with them. She goes by meghann danielle, meghann danielle reed, danyelle reid. Shes a true slore around Taylorsville ky. Ask most of the guys in town and they will vouch and say that had her. Shes pathetic and thinks she can use guys for money and their belonging. She will try to con you , making you feel sorry for her. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS HOMEWRECKER POS MOTHER. CPS IS NOW INVOLVED BECAUSE OF HER GREAT MOTHER WAYS. SHE WORKS IN MIDDLETOWN KY AT A PLACE CALLED EMSI. STAY CLEAR OF HER . SHES PROBLEMS AND DRDS. PURE NASTY. DRAMA QUEEN FOR SURE

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By Ronald

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