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When I was in high school I thought i met the one i would spend the rest of my life with. He was my best friend…my everything we did everything together.. when i was 17 we moved in together and lived with his mom things were ok for a while my family lived in a different state so i went to go visit them when i could we split up for a few months so i decided to move back to my hometown with my family a couple months later he decided that he wanted us to be back together and moved to my hometown. We got an apartment we had our ups and downs just like anyone else we both went threw things we should have had to deal with. When i was 20 i got pregnant with our first child. She was the light of my life and surprisingly her daddy was right by my side through it all. Shortly after i found out i was pregnant again… i was scared what was i to do with two babies bed my second daughter was born there daddy proposed to me shortly after our second daughter was born we moved to Arkansas because he wanted to be around his family. || He started a great job… but he came him later every night making up every excuse in the book. I missed my family so i often came to visit. The last time i went back to our home in arkansas five minutes before we were supposed to be home i looked at him and said babe you missed the turn he then proceeded to tell me that he had stopped paying the bills while i was visiting my family so we had to go to his moms… i then found out that there was illegal activity going on in his mothers home. This made me furious for my children what kind of father would want this for his children… oh and i had also just found out that i was pregnant with our third child. I cried to him every night i begged him to come back to my hometown and we could start over he ignored me i cried for days i was miserable my children were miserable i had no stove no nothing we had a microwave a couple days then his mother decided she wanted to take it to her boyfriends. I was devastated. || I called my family to come and get me and my children they were there the next day i l we ft a note for the father of my children telling him i had to leave the situation because it was in the best interest of my children. He called me when i was already 4 hours away… he begged me to come back and told me to leave our kids with my family i said no i was not leaving my children i told him i loved him we maintained a relationship he called me ever day to tell me he loved me and about his day and ask about mine. He told me he was moving back here to be with us his family one night while messaging me he said thanks megan i was not expecting that… || I asked who megan was he told me it was his bosses wife i said no her name is Sarah who’s megan he lied and lied and lied then started accusing me of cheating on him. I should have known something was wrong. His phone got shut off for a few days around his birthday… on his birthday i put money on it so he could talk to the kids i also wanted to tell him that we were having a son. The conversation quickly changed when he told me that he was with another woman. Megan nonetheless. I begged him not to do this to his family he said that he had been seeing her for some time now and wanted to move on for weeks i couldn’t eat or sleep because i found out who she was. It was his mothers best friend. An older woman thus home wrecker spent time with my family played with my children and knew that him and i were engaged. We have hung out and tanned together at his mothers. I felt sickened what kind of woman would pursue a man who has three children and is engaged to be married to the mother of his children. What kind of woman does this? How nasty! i sent her all the text he was sti sPending me. Telling me he loved me she laughed and acted like she didn’t even care that she was taking a father from his children was ashamed i still am he is still with her our son is due any day now and i have yo do it alone he never talks to his kids but does write me on facebook occasionally and text me when the whore isn’t around a few days ago we talked on the phone he made me feel complete again. I asked him if he would come back to our family he gave me hope our conversation was great he told me he would always love me he told me he wanted to come see us even asked if he could sleep at my house. This happen i felt was taken away the next day hasn’t called me back won’t answer my calls or texts nothing im devastate once again i’m too pregnant for this Im still hurt but i hurt even more for my children because this whore is the reason he doesn’t call his children. The sas part is is that have no idea how long it was really going on for obviously it didn’t just happen in the first couple day we couldn’t talk because his phone was off is this the ‘re he was coming home so late from work i just dont know anymore i’m so disgusted because of her im a single mother of two almost three children we were together six years and engaged for almost two. I dont know what to do anymore i try hiding my feelings for my children they are the only thing that keep me strong i love them too much to let this hoe bring me down i just want my family back.

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