Megan Leigh Pawlowski Perrysburg, Ohio Ohio


This 29 yr old tramp started working at my husband’s place of employment in 2012, she constantly found reasons to come to his work area”for help” and started asking him and his co-worker if she could run and get them dinner etc. She’d call their extension, then started calling my husband on his cell and texting him at home asking him when he’d be in to work etc, if he’d bring her coffee, to be careful driving etc and she just got bolder from there. She asked him to walk her to her car a few times to which he obliged because he’s kind, to a fault. She even made a point to tell him she broke up with her boyfriend, searching for some interest from him and would flirt with him, telling him”he didn’t look like any 45yr old she knew” which I’m sure he flirted back”innocently”, even though we know there is no such thing as innocent flirting, until he realized what he was getting into with this 29yr predator. || It culminated on his bday with her texting him when we were out with friends saying”she wished she could be there”, because”they’d have fun”, and had feelings for him and would do anything to be with him, luckily I could tell he was uneasy with whatever was going on with his phone and the CONSTANT interruptions, so I read the texts and put an end to her, blocking her from his cell phone. He ended up leaving his place of employment, to get away from her, he filed a complaint with HR for her predatory behavior but they refused to fire her until”something else happened”, even though no one liked her including her boss. || She of course tried to look like the Virgin Mary but I had texts from her to prove she was a little liar in addition to being a skank. Just another little tramp that can’t get a man of her own and thinks she can take what she wants, but she messed with the wrong guy because my husband actually loves me, so she failed, miserably. But it was still a horrible experience and very embarrassing. I consider myself a private person and well educated but I will show no mercy to anyone who messes with my family and as you can see I’m not even close to being done paying her back for her ill fated attempts, and never will be..

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By Ronald

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