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My husband and I have owned a restaurant since 2010 and she has or had worked for us for the past 3 years. In March I found 19 pages of text messages between her and my husband and they went back to October/November. They both insisted that it was just work related since he is married with children and she has a live-in boyfriend that she’s been with for 8 years. Well, we separated in April to try and work things out without living together and the minute he moved out of the house he refused to go to counseling or work anything out and asked for a divorce! Then I found a reservation in June for a hotel for the weekend that he had made and was taking a girl. He said I didn’t know her but I had suspicion that it was her. She emailed me basically making me feel like a horrible person for dragging her into our marital problems and said it WAS NOT her. I believed her and then 2 days later, on the day that they were supposed to check-in at the hotel, I hacked his email and found all the emails going back and forth between the two of them regarding their little getaway behind my back and her boyfriends! Telling each other that they loved each other and couldn’t wait to have each other all to themselves for the weekend! They had schemed the whole thing right down to him telling me that he cancelled the reservation and actually just changed the name of it so if I called then they wouldn’t have anyone by his name!! They planned the whole thing there in black and white, it was disgusting! || So I forwarded the emails to everyone including her boyfriend!! Apparently this had been going on behind my back way before we separated! I considered her a friend and an employee!!! She completely devastated my children who beg daddy to come home every day but he is actually with her out in the open now that everyone knows about the affair!! He bought her jewelry when we were together that I had seen online but he said he was looking at it for me…I never did get the ring he was looking at but do know that she now wears the exact ring on her finger every day!!! The whole thing is disgusting and my family is broken because of them!! She is the worst kind of HOMEWRECKER….the kind that pretends to be your friend the whole while plotting to steal your husband!!

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