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December 15, 2013, my husband confessed that he had been meeting up with a”friend” of mine once or twice a week for the whole year of 2013. || Megan’s boyfriend of approx 7 years caught her and my husband leaving our deer lease on December 12, 2013. They both maintained their innocence all weekend until my husband broke down on Sunday, the 15th, and told me everything. || He and I have been together since 1994 and married since 1996 and have 3 boys together. I thought we were happy. He never showed any signs of the affair or that he was unhappy in our relationship. He says he enjoyed the freedom he felt with her, that she agreed with everything he said and so there was no pressure or worries when he was with her. || Here’s the worst part for me… wasn’t about sex. She was really bad in bed. He said foreplay was out because she was too ticklish and during sex she would just lie there and stare at him. She has never had children, yet he said she was way looser than I am. || When they got caught, my husband immediately stopped talking to her. He made it clear that he wanted me and would do everything possible to keep me. || We are working towards staying together. It’s been almost 7 months since his confession. || Also, she used to send naked pictures of herself to not only my husband, but also a couple other guys. I’d call it false advertising! Why show pics if you can’t deliver the goods? || Anyway, that’s my story…….

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By Ronald

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