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I was married to a restaurant general manager and Megan began pursuing my husband while she was his employee. She worked as a waitress alongside my daughter and got information from my husband by asking my daughter questions and befriending her. She pursued him for a year by text and phone calls in which she poached him by becoming a friend and frequently acting as if she was in distress. She told him that her own husband was neglectful and emotionally abusive. He was not. He’s actually a well respected social worker. When her husband complained to my husband’s supervisor about the affair…. My husband was fired. She convinced my husband that I had had him fired. I had no part of his termination. Meanwhile while all this was occurring I was recovering from an accident. She got that info from my daughter and made her move. Upon his leaving, she convinces my very mentally weak husband that he should clear out joint bank accounts and take our tax return as his own. She also got him to give her my car and put her on our phone line ( hence how I found out details ) I was not allowed to say goodbye to my stepsons that I had been apart of their lives for 5 years. When I asked to see them… My ex responded that Megan didn’t want them to have a relationship with myself and my two daughters anymore. || This is a person that comes from a prominent and well respected family in this area. They own numerous restaurants… Yet ironically they did not have her as an employee. Upon my husband’s departure…. Megan sent me numerous nasty text messages stating that my husband never wanted to marry me and that I was ugly and insane. Perhaps I was insane as I married him. However. I think looking back on it. They are perfect for each other. He left behind his dog and all of his children’s clothes, toys and furniture. I had to pack it up and after five months I returned the dog to him by having a friend deliver to him. They were both furious that I would dare to do such a thing. They took the money from the joint account and took a summer long vacation. At my expense. Prior to the divorce, my ex asked that I give him half of my house which had always been in my name and I had made all the payments on it. And he also requested that I pay him for the cost of moving out of my home. He also used my credit card a week before leaving to pay for a 4000 car repair. The two of them deserve each other.

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By Ronald

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