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I was with my husband for 11 years, married for 6 years. Late in the year my husband started to mention a co-worker and fellow manager at Walmart very often. The more often it occurred the more I became suspicious, but told myself it was nothing because she knew he was married and she was married as well. But shortly after my suspicions grew. He usually came home during his lunch hour, suddenly he wasn’t anymore. Then he began leaving for work over an hour before his shift or coming home a few hours after his shift when we only lived 4 miles from his job. We started to have arguments over it and he accused me of being insecure and would tell me nothing was going on. || After a few weeks of this I asked a few of his other co workers if they had noticed anything between my husband Joseph and Megan. After some hesitation, I was told yes they had been seeing each other. I confronted both of them and reminded her that he has a wife and 3 children.They both denied it at first, but later her only response was”well I guess the cats out of the bag”. I kicked my husband out that very day. I received a text from him the next morning letting me know that she asked him to move in with her and that he was. || This woman not only didn’t care that she was with someone else’s husband but also didn’t care that it would affect the children whom she has met on several occasions prior.

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