I’ve been Tichi ‘d, Steve Tichi ‘d. I first got involved with Tichi after a buddy of mine was convinced by Tichi at a group meeting to invest money into a cryptocurrency called Mobilink Coin. | I became a Reseller for MCS after investing in Mobilink Coin (MOLK). Steve Tichi did a promotion of $300 for 9 years of cell phone service and would even be paid for using the phone after a few months time. I sold a bunch of SIMs that were supposed to be unlimited talk, text & data by December 1st, 2018. That was their first lie! | The commission tracking was all messed up from October onward. I doubt it even gets tracked anymore. I know I didn’t get credit for some of my sales. The last check I received was for December commissions. Multiple excuses for January’s, one being they printed 2018 year on the checks. No one that I know of has received a commission check since then.


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By Ronald

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