McKenzie Cullem Santa Cruz, California California


So this trash bag came into the picture a couple months back and has been relentless ever since. She is desperate to be taken care of by somebody else’s husband and is absolutely insecure and disgusting. She refuses to believe that my husband and I will never get a divorce, still wants to be with me, to meet with me, bugs me almost everyday to take him back and he will leave her in a heartbeat. I’ve even forwarded her messages . || We have been together for over 9 years and have a beautiful 6 year old son. We also have a home together and she is leaving things behind every chance I’m not there to try and get a rise out of me and prevent us from ever putting our family back together. Every marriage has their difficulties and some even separate for an amount of time but trash bags like this need to be exposed for what they are. It’s getting in the middle and causing issues in a family where she is fully aware where she stands. She’s just a side w**** while we’re figuring things out.

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By Ronald

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