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Complaint: Thought I’d share a visit to the local Mcdonalds my two boys (ages 5 and 7) and I along with two of their newly made friends made a short while back. We used the drive thru one afternoon and I ordered 4 happy meals for the boys and to quench my thirst in the 110 degree plus temperature that day I asked for a large coke. The female order taker asked if I’d like to “SUPERSIZE”” and I said okay. She totaled the order and when I got to the window a man in a business shirt and tie started serving us. He gave me the kids meals and lastly my SUPERSIZED drink

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Address: only my drink cup was about half full. I laughed and asked him if he would please fill the cup up I would appreciate it. He then proclaimed the girl who took our order was new and accidentally forgot to charge us for the value meals small kids drinks. So to make it even he would only fill my cup halfway. WHAT A JERK. I asked to speak to the manager and he informed me he was in charge and there was nothing else he would do. I couldn’t believe it. I drove off and was shocked at such a poor business decision from a person who works for a company that promotes helping families

Website: etc. Well we been going to the Burger King about 2 miles further away ever since. That was seven years ago and about $15 per week or a total of about $5

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