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this company has been contacting me for 10 yrs offering me credit cards and offering to allow me to transfer higher balance to 0% offer for 10 months. I have ignored their offers over and over again and after 10 yrs of denying them, I said I’ll give it a try. Well… no where is it mentioned that there is a transfer fee. Not only a transfer fee, but a very large one… in my case $115. It gets better, the if you happen to use your card and pay off the purchases, your payment does not go to the purchases, it goes proportinately to the purchases and the transfer, so unless you pay the whole balance off (transfer + all purchases), you start incurring interest. Well, I’ll give to this company… they tried and tried to screw me over… took them well over 10 yrs, but they did it. How is a company like this allowed to be in business? Obviously this will be the last time I ever deal with them and their unsolicited offers. Be very careful of these scams and bogus fees.

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