MBM&F -Acaiaslim Dri*Acaiaslim Fraudulant & Scam Co. Rip Off Your Credit Card Over Bill SPRING Texas Review


I ordered the free bottle of acaiaslim with s/h $4.95 on 11-21-08 and was billed so. Then on 12-7-08 I was billed by dri*acaiaslim $79.95 and 12-11-08 billed by www.fit-fac.com billed $19.95. n I opted out of any additional orders at the time of my original order, and did not approve any of these charges to my credit card. I pay bills on line( so I did not notice they had kept billing me through March on the web site. I did notice in January and called and cancelled but they would only take off one month and then cancelled it, after billing me again. So I was overcharged & nbilled by my credit card:n12-7-08 12-11-08 12-24-08 1-12-09 1-23-09 2-11-09 nI was charged $79.95 3 times and $19.95 three times and I finally got them to cancel me out of their system! All I have gotten is one credit for $79.95. So I am out about $220.00 for nothing. I did not keep the second bottle (returned it)and have not received any bottles(but was charged for it) and have never been on their web site I was billed for. nI called several times and had a person who did not speak good english and was hard to understand.They tried to tell me I had to call and cancel but that is not what the add said online at the time I ordered. They may have changed it. This also happened to a girl I work with, same story except they billed her bank account over and over. She read the add good also and we would NOT order to start with if we had to agree to keep ordering. nAll I ordered was one free bottle + 4.95 shipping . nBeware of this company and warn everyone about their scam. I intend to tell everyone I can about it. I would love to see a class action suit against them. nSwindledagainnSPRING, TexasU.S.A.

12278 South Lone Peak Pkwy. #106 Draper, Utah U.S.A.


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