Maz Roofing and Restoration Huntersville North Carolina Review


The details of this complaint are in regards to the company conducting business under the name Maz Roofing and Restoration, LLC. The company is physically located at 403 Gilead Rd. Suite J, Huntersville, NC 28078. This company consistently markets by direct mail, mail box flyers, door to door solicitation and the Internet as a Commercial and Residential General Contractor with the ability to build projects over a million dollars. Secondly, on their website it references clients and buildings of work that they have performed in our area as representations of their work. Their most recent project is the Greater Salem Church which had a value of $98,000. Well over the legal licensing limit. Secondly, Maz Restoration is currently doing large scale luxury homes in Cornelius (the Peninsula) and in Waxhaw. On their website, there are two homes that are located in the Peninsula development where the roofs are $45,000 and up. As a local business owner and homeowner in the area, I feel that it is a gross misrepresentation of the company with the intent to defraud to market their services to my neighborhood as a licensed contractor. We run facilities for the developmentally disabled, and are very well versed on the technicality of the law and regulation with the state. The reason that the law has the $30,000 limitation is to control the ability of the contractor to cover damages and workmanship should any occur. Our homes are valued at a million dollars plus, and if something were to occur, we would not have any recourse on Maz Roofing. We would not be eligible for the recovery fund and they probably do not have the financial liquid assets to fix a large problem. Their corporate information displays that their annual revenues are $170,000.00 yet they are completing jobs that are $98,000.00 plus. Construction with out a license over the legal limit is wrong. Representing that the company is licensed and registered with the state is fraud. Using references of completed work that was done illegally are artifices to commit the fraud. When people agree to have Maz Roofing perform work based upon the representation of their references that were done illegally, that makes each one of those jobs (though under the legal limit) executed under false pretenses. Who is to say that one would have signed a contract with Maz Roofing if pictures of the expensive jobs were not used? People think that if the company has the wherewithal to build a church or a luxury home, then it is good enough for a small house. However, without those references they would not have signed a contract. This type of marketing and illegal building needs to stop. Additionally, the home projects that were build under the pretense of being licensed need to be notified that the company does not have the financial approval of the state to construct such projects. This type of behavior should not be and will not be tolerated in our community.

403 Gilead Road #J Huntersville, North Carolina USA


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