Mayor Ron Jones Studio City California Review


This clown, Ron Jones who everyone seems to call Mayor because he was the Mayor of someplace back east until they found out his kid is a child molestor and he got kicked out of office. This guy is a disaster. He talks a big talk, but he is secretly sleeping with some of the girls he brings in and puts them in high end positions within his new company (which is all a front) and then he brainwashes them to help him to bilk people out of hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. I have met with him once only but he tried to play me, he took money from a friend and never gave it back on a fake project for this Ofir Engel person, also a con woman. I was going to beat his a** right there, he doesn’t know who I am. But I let him talk his game. Then he offered me a position in his company, s***, he doesn’t even know who I am. Then he wants me to help him con companies to give him money. This guy is a troll! Run from this man, he is after your money and has no legitimate projects and has already hurt many people! Ken

Hollywood , California USA


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