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Complaint: In brief, Mayo auto services never contacted me regarding my car in the two weeks that it was there. I was always the one to call to inquire on the status of the vehicle, and from the first day I was subjected to rude representatives telling me that it is rediculous for me to beleive that I would have my vehicle seen that day without an appointment and with 37 vehicles ahead of me. Mayo’s diagnostic technicians also leave at 4:00p everyday,and do not work on weekends, according to the staff. Of course I was not told this information when I called in that morning. After 4 days and a few more unfriendly phone interactions, I was finally informed that a diagnosis has been made. The invoice was faxed to me back in baltimore, MD, and the charges were 732.00…. 32.00 for parts, 700 for service. As I was aware that their policy was 95$ per hour for service, I called often to ask when they were working on the vehicle, but was not told until AFTER 6 hours of labor. Despite my fury regarding the charges, I choose to pay. Now the real problems began. Being an out-of-state customer (again never informed of this information when I brought the car there) I was denied the ability to pay by check or credit card. Furthermore, when I proposed that a relative pay on my behalf, as he lives 12mins from the shop and was a previous customer, i was first told that it was fine, and then 2 days later recieved a forward message saying: ” management has decided that you [in particular] are only allowed to pay by cash in person

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Address: [for the reason being] because ‘ you cant trust us

Website: MarylandU.S.A.”

Phone: we cant trust you’ “”… verbaetum…. I then had to drive 4 hours from baltimore to red bank to drop off 732.00 in cash

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