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Mayer Etkin under the guise of ShangYe Capital approached me to buy a home we were selling in Seattle WA | He offered to pay full price and agreed to pay 5000 per month rent until closing. He wanted to use a property he said | he owned in Los Angelas county as the down payment. The only catch is that I would have to buy the property down there so he could close on the house up in Seattle. After viewing the property in LA I agreed to buy it for the agreed upon price. The real owner signed off on all the title and they got paid. | Now I expected a closing but Mayer never closed on the house and I had to battle him over an eviction and argue multiple times about his scam operation he runs on people. He is a liar a thief and acrook on his good days. The rest of the time he is a slimeball creep looking for his next victim. | He owes us over $260,000.00 and has agreed to pay in writing but then a few days ago he sent an email stating how he wouldn’t pay us a dime for all the money he owes us. | So we have sent in our complaints to the DFI and we know he works over state lines and internationally so the FBI has been notified. Is there anyone else out there that wants to jpin the prosecution suit against this Mayer Etkin of ShangYe Capital fraudsters


  • Name: Mayer Etkin
  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
  • City: Seattle
  • Address:
  • Phone: 206-408-0056
  • Website:

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