MAX97 Hits Summerville South Carolina


Complaint: i had received a call on my cell phone last week from an insurance company, i went back yesterday to call them back and the day I thought it was there was only olne out of state call received, so I selected the call and called it. To my surprise and ccnfusion a recorded voice said ” congratulations caller #17

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Address: you are a winner. You have won a 2 day bahamma cruse. It repeated another time because I wanted to make sure what was said. A few seconds later a male came on the phone and said thank you for being a loyal Max97 listener

Website: i told him i was trying to call on insurance company and the recording came on sayiing i was caller #17 and i was a winner of a cruise. He said really

Phone: who am I talking to? I hesitantly said my first name. He said ok (my name) what is your last name. I said hold on here Im a bit confused

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