Maverick General Contractors – No Call – No Show

The way that the scheduling worked out was completely unprofessional on Maverick’s part. When I first started looking into a contractor I was skeptical because their business name seemed to have three different names and I could not find a lot of reviews on them. Regardless, I met with them. I had a date set and a day before, I called them to confirm the time that they would be coming. The gentleman was pretty vague about the timing but said he would be there. The next day he did not show up at all, and he did not call. I messaged him, and still no response. He called me a week later as if nothing happened and asked if Tuesday would be ok for him to come out. I was angry, but I knew that I could not get my deposit back, so I agreed. He STILL did not show. How unprofessional of a business. Nothing was going to get done at this point. It has been a month past start date and I am still trying to get them to do the job I have paid them to. Avoid Maverick General Contractors.

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