Maureen Patricia Alfau Cedeno – New York, New York New York


Here we have a piece of trash that likes to get involved with engaged and married men. Maureen Patricia Alfau Cedeno is from Dominican Republic, her mom is a SSG in the US Army (her name is Blanca Cedeno) and for this reason she was living in the Fort Hood Tx area (Killeen), Washington estate, area of Fort Leonard Wood MO (St Robert) and at the moment she is living in the area of Fort Campbell KY (Clarksville TN). She likes to party and be involved with any Latino-Hispanic community that she can find. She is a relationship with a Hispanic married military man who is a rank above her mother. If you confront her she will denied, but she post his name initials on her Instagram account, that means that her family and friends knows the true. She has a son that she uses to be look as a good single mother, but that is all fake because she uses him to have the attention of any guy that she sees as a good provider for her and her son specially because she needs the money for her plastic surgeries and her maintenance.

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By Ronald

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