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For the 70 years in this world, we have never ever experienced such incompetence, unprofessionalism, disgusting customer service from an organization in my life: 1. On Wednesday May 13th – purchased two Vantage firm twin mattresses 2. Sales Associate asked when we would like it delivered – we stated Friday May 15th. No problem!!! 3. Called your Coral Springs office where we purchased these mattresses not once, or twice but three times on May 15th only to learn that the mattresses were on “back order””. They contacted the Orlando office to see if we could get out of the 20% penalty for cancelling order. DEFINITELY NOT. 4. On Wednesday May 27th returned to your Coral Springs store only to learn that the mattresses were a “”special order”” which takes longer. I asked if someone could call the warehouse to ascertain if and when delivery would be made. Guess what … NO RESPONSE. 5. Called your office (407) 240-3061 was on hold for ten minutes – then recorder instructed me to leave a message which I did. The message stated I do not want to speak to a Customer Service Representative but to a Manager or Supervisor. Guess what… NO RESPONSE. When people buy mattresses they want immediate delivery – not two weeks

three weeks or whatever the case will be. We should have been advised that they were not in stock

or back ordered

or whatever and given us the opportunity to purchase a comparable mattress. To blatantly lie and deceive your customer is outright fraud and deceitful practices. There are many other stores that would have accommodated us differently. I would appreciate if someone in your organization would have the common courtesy to advise us when we may expect delivery. Seems as though no one has the balls to let us know how much longer we will have to wait. DO YOU THINK YOU CAN RESPOND AS THE HEADQUARTERS FOR THE WORSE COMPANY WE HAVE EVER DEALT WITH ??? Probably NOT.”

1255 La Quinta Drive #130 Orlando, Florida USA

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By Ronald

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