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We purchased a mattress at the 11411 Midlothian Turnpike store in Richmond, Virginia on November 5, 2006. No warranty paperwork or company policy information was given at the time of purchase. After several weeks the pillowtop mattress developed a bunch that resembled a loaf of French bread. nWe took a picture and showed the store Manager, James Mullins. He gave us paperwork to complete and indicated someone would contact us within three weeks of filing the report. No one contacted us. nWe contacted Ryan Miller (corporate office) who shuttled us on to Jan Taylor. She called once and then never returned our calls. In the mean time Ryan Miller informed us that we would have to pay a second delivery fee of 50 dollars. We felt we had paid for the deliver of a good mattress and should not have to pay the second fee, but because we were “warned”” by Ryan Miler that a replacement mattress may be out of stock if we contested the second deliver fee

we paid it. nWe received confirmation that we should receive a new mattress. We set up an appointment TWICE to have the mattress delivered and were stood up both times; first time on March 29

2007 and April 5

2007. nOn April 10

William contacted Mr. Mullins to inquire about the second non-delivery and was told the mattress was out of stock. nWe have not received a second replacement mattress or a refund on the second delivery fee if they cannot replace the mattress. nSent formal letters of complaint to Mattress Warehouse and various consumer organization on May 5

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