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This company hires employees with misinformation and has no scruples. It’s like slave labor and works sales people 12 hour days for minimum wage. nIn the present economy this company knows they can abuse their employees. I worked for a couple months, then quit. I did find another job. nIf I were fired, I would have made more on umemployment than I would bring home weekly. How funny that they advertised that sales people could make six figures (yea right, in their dreams). They also expect the salesmen to sell everybody that comes in the store. Sell, sell, sell. nThey don’t care if the customers want to shop around, etc. They don’t want to hear that, they only want to know and hear that everyone was sold! And, if you don’t sell a customer, they freak out on you. nDon’t they realize that customers, in this economy, are shopping around and not spending as much money? Don’t they know that customers don’t want to be pushed into buying a mattress? For the crappy pay and constant nagging it’s not worth working there. nTomnxxxxxx, FloridaU.S.A. Orlando, Florida U.S.A.

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