Matthew Buxton Massrec, LLC Margate Florida


Complaint: There is an Imposter by the name of Matthew Buxton, AKA Frank and his Company Name is Massrec, LLC. He purchases leads under Massrec LLC because he needs a license and bond to do so, DOT License 939350. After his leads are generated, he changes the name of the lead to Ultimate Auto Transport and sends them to the prospects and there is no such Company. He has even constructed a website and any business is .com, not .net. The quote that he sends to everyone is far below the going rate and when the customer cancels, he has a cancellation fee. Or, he increases the rate and the customer will pay more at delivery or they will not receive their vehicle because there are two contracts involved in the transaction. One between the broker and shipper and the other with the broker and carrier. The main issue is if you Google Ultimate Auto Transport OR Massrec LLC, Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc Appears. His physical address is in Margate, FL and Ultimate Auto Shipping is in Margate, FL. After he rips off the customer, reviews and complaints are being filed against Ultimate Auto Shipping, Inc because they can’t find him, interesting. We have filed formal complaints with the State Attorney General in Florida, Inspector General, ICE 3 Federal Internet Fraud Department, FMCSA/DOT and The Better Business Bureau of South Florida and awaiting action. He has stolen thousands of dollars over the last two years and damaging our name, reputation and defaming our character, defamation of character. This has actually increased our business because the saavy ones that catch onto his scam book with us. However, we are not interested in this type of business because we have thousands of repeat customers and run an Honest Company, the BBB Reviews speak for themselves. Karma that goes around will come full circle and he will eventually crash and burn but, not quick enough.

Tags: Auto Shipping Companies

Address: 7491 SW 1st Street Margate, Florida United States


Phone: 818-334-5274, 754 229 544

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