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I currently started working at a country club in Ontario as a bartender, former known as Brook Woods Country Club. Everything seemed amazing, the”owners” are a younger married couple mid 40’s with three children one passed away at 18 months. Matt and Melissa seemed to be very happy and good bosses. About two weeks after I started they told me one of the ladies that has worked there for 10 years was accusing me of stealing. I was disgusted I wanted to quit but they fired her instead. They made her look like a monster and told everyone she was the one stealing and blamed me for it. After she was gone Matt would hit on me nothing serious until he was drunk but after he would say oh I was kidding I’m your boss I can’t say that. It happened every night I worked there I tried to brush it off because it was good money. And then he was letting all of the (17-20) year old girls get wasted with him after his wife left and he would hit on them and talk about taking them to the apartment to sleep with them. He would”brush by me” any chance he got. I told my boyfriend every night when I got home but I didn’t want to quit till I found another job. And I didn’t want to tell his wife because of course she is going to take his side. I never wanted to go to work because of him he was a pig if I didn’t flirt with him he would be a dick to me so I just tried to completely ignore him. Every night he would make me say even if I was all done he would give me something else to do until everyone left so he could try to get me drunk and sleep with him…. || And when I told him I had to leave because I had my other job early the next morning he could bitch at me. He convinced his wife to offer me a full time job if I quit my other job, I declined it because I knew this wasn’t what I wanted and I felt disgusting being around him. He is a creep and a loser he tries to get sympathy from the girls because his 18 month old passed away. Last night at work he called me a bitch and a fuck up and was trying to get under my skin I walked behinde the bar and called him out on all of this he told me to finish my shit and I was fired I told him to fuck off grabbed my shit and left. All the customers sitting at the bar got up told him they would never be back and walked me out. He never could successfully ruin me or break me down but he will with these other girls. I told his wife and she didn’t even text me back. She is just as guilty as him. They are both losers! I then texted the lady that used to work their that they let go”because of me” and told her what had happened, she explained to me that unfortunuently I was one of many he did it to Gil’s last year. All under age. I have contacted lawyers and I don’t want any money or anything I just don’t want him to be able to do this again. It’s nasty people in these positions trying to manipulate young girls. These girls will all lie for him and cover his ass because they think it’s cool they can get drunk at a bar. But he needs to be stopped as well as his wife. He will try to bash anyone that stands up to him and he will turn it around on them. I always would hear him tell his wife about girls that were hitting on him and I believe it was so she would want to fire them as well, but no girl would go for him I think it was because e went for it and got denied. Unfortunately this won’t affect him because he knows he is a loser. He went to Webster high school, and has lived in Webster his whole life. Don’t let your daughters or friends work for these losers!!!

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