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Complaint: How can a prominent builder in Rockwall not have a Facebook page to advertise? I can tell you why. If you don’t want ALL the upset customers to have a place to voice their opinion of their home building experience. Matt Everett Custom homes right here in Rockwall. Our house has had a leaking chimney for over a year with ZERO attempt by the builder to repair it. This destroyed our ceilings and media room and we warned him before it rained with his promises that it would all be taken care of, as well as saying ‘all new homes get water-damaged when they are built’. I have never used Facebook to voice a negative opinion EVEN about our president. This builder will give you the worst example of integrity, workmanship, and proof that we have evil people among us. Here is his website: Google his company and you will find all his negative reviews. Nothing positive. How is the state allowing him to defraud others? No longer. I am going to take every measure I can to make sure this man is not allowed a permit in this city or any of the surrounding cities. I am asking you to ‘Like’ this post so your friends are warned also!

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By Ronald

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