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I am/was a customer of Matthews Archery Inc. dba Mission Archery. I received a crossbow model MXB 360 as a gift, after a short while of having the crossbow it would randomly release arrows after being loaded. I contacted Mission Archery regarding the problem of the random discharging and the dangers it posed. After providing details from the crossbow I was informed that the product was under consumer safety recall for a manufacturing defect. I was instructed to send the crossbow back due to the recall and that they would fix it or replace the crossbow. This was over a year ago and after many calls to customer service I have received various answers regarding the status of my crossbow from it would take a couple of weeks to repair, to not knowing where my crossbow was at due to a move, to complete denials that they still even have my crossbow. | To date I still have not received my original crossbow or the replacement crossbow, and I have been lied to on numerous occasions. I would strongly encourage anyone looking to patronize this business or purchase their products to reconsider. I thought that they would stand behind their product yet this is not the case at all. Search online and you will see the reputation of this company.


  • Name: Mathews Archery, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Wisconsin
  • City: Sparta
  • Address: P.O. Box
  • Phone: 608.269.2728
  • Website:

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