Mastercraft Exteriors Waldorf Maryland Review


Beware!!!Beware!!!! this is a community alert. Mastercraft Exteriors is from out of town. They took my check over three months ago. have not returned phone calls and have not repaired my house. I see my neighbors being done by local contractors and I was lied to. They told me they were local but it turns out they are from Illinois. They are crooks and lairs. I see from all the lawsuits against the owner Richard Spanton and the brother(vice president) Mathew Spanton that i made a horrible choice…I just want it to be know there is another lawsuit coming. I contracted with them to replace my roof and gutters. I gave them my insurance check. They were to send it to my mortgage company to have them process the check since my insurance company listed their name on it…After three weeks and no calls or return calls i started to get worried. I called my mortgage company to see if they have received the check and I was told no check has arrived. I called my insurance company to see if I could get a new check cut and the old one canceled and I was told it was cashed…What….they endorsed the mortgage check not the insurance company…I have called the attorney general and am pressing charges for check theft…I have since hired a new company to do the repairs and have to pay now a good portion out of my pocket since I can not get a call back from mastercraft exteriors..I want my money back….Please stay far way from this company..don’t let them take you like they got my family..Do research on this company and you will find they entire family is a bunch of crooks..lawsuits are against them all. I agree there name should be mastercrap not mastercraft…

Waldorf, Maryland United States of America


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By Ronald

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