Masterbuilt Buffalo New York Review


I purchased a 40 inch electric Masterbuilt smoker which I used for a year approximately 8 to 10 times and the heating element where it connects to the power cord fried. I called the company, Masterbuilt, and was told they would replace the part for $10 but the part was on backorder and they would contact me in 2 weeks when they came in. After a month I called again and was given the same story. I have lost three quarters of the barbecue season already and the company, Masterbuilt, has no solutions for my problem other than to buy a new smoker. It seems obvious if they can’t keep a part in stock there’s a problem with the design of the appliance and they can’t keep up with the demand to replace that particular part. The girl I spoke to was pleasant but not helpful. Masterbuilt and the customer service gets no stars from me. They have ruined a summer of enjoyment and left me no option other than to spend another $400 on a different brand smoker. Do not buy a Masterbuilt product if you want long term use and reliability.

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By Ronald

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