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My husband purchased a 50 minute massage as a Mother’s Day gift to me via phone at approximately 11:10 am on 5/10/19. During the phone call he was sold on a $25 gift card in addition to the massage, claiming he would save that $25 on the massage. | At no point during the phone call was he informed that this was a non-refundable purchase. After he had made me aware of the total cost, I informed him of a current Groupon that was available for Massage Height’s Strongsville location (50 minute massage plus added elevation for $45). | At approximately 7:10 pm, also on 5/10/19, he contacted Massage Heights of Fairview Park back and requested to cancel the appointment. My husband, explained to the employee that he was canceling the appointment because he was going to purchase the Groupon for the Strongsville location at a cheaper rate and rebook the appointment there. | The phone call was on blue tooth, therefore we both clearly heard the employees response when he asked her TWO separate times if the $108 would be refunded to his card. The employee stated that nothing had actually been charged, the amount was only pending and that it would NOT in fact be charged. On Monday, 5/13/19, my husband noticed his card had in fact been charged. | After a few separate phone calls with the locations manager, Katie, and being told that the call was going “to be pulled”, he was informed that the amount was not going to be refunded because the employee had not “made notes regarding he cancellation”. If at any point during the second, or even the original call, the employee would have made him aware that his cancellation would be non-refundable but only honored as a future “gift card”, he certainly would not have continued to cancel and then proceed to purchase an additional $45 worth of credit at a separate location. | I’ve only frequented massage heights a handful of times and I’m usually underwhelmed with the service overall, but this is absolutely horrible customer service and even worse communication on the employee and the companies part. I will continue to dispute his bogus charge until it is resolved. The customer should not be held accountable for poor communication on the employees part.


  • Name: Massage Heights, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: San Antonio
  • Address: 13750 US Hwy 281 North, Suite 230
  • Phone: (603) 641-2010
  • Website:

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