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My husband and I have been together for 10 years, married 7. We have 3 little girls together. We separated for a brief time when my middle child was 1, but reconciled and had our 3rd. There was never really any fighting or arguing, we always got along well. I was always a SAHM but he never felt I was pulling my weight by bringing in an income so I went job hunting and found a job. So I started working at the local hospital on night shift while my husband stayed at home with the kids but he got a job offer making $2 more an hour and I was unhappy at my job since I’d have to miss all holidays with my girls and the night shift wasn’t my thing. So I quit my job and he goes back to work. He is unhappy about it because he felt he deserved to stay at home since I did for so long. || A couple months later right after Christmas he starts acting weird. Nothing specific, you could just tell something was off. He never cared about Facebook (I made his Facebook so his family could keep in touch with him and our girls without always going through me.) But all of a sudden he was always on Facebook and changed his passwords. He stayed glued to his phone and every time he saw me, he would close the screen or lock it and try to hide it. I never had any proof but it was always in the back of my mind. || Fast forward to the summer… a mutual friend of mine makes a comment how I deserved better and I questioned it. After digging this friend admits that my husband had an affair on me with a girl that had a crush on him in elementary school. I contacted her to confirm and she admits they had an affair from January to March but he broke it off. I wake him up in the middle of the night to confront him and he finally admits it, but says it was only once and she wanted him to leave me to be with her and he didn’t want to. Later on I found out she is also married and has a family with children too. So both of them are low life homewreckers.

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