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At the point that this home wrecking whore came into my life my b/f and I had been together for just over 2 years, and I had just recently had our first child. Apparently he met her at his mother’s house (who was always telling him that he should leave me for”someone hot”) because I had gained a good amount of weight.. FROM CARRYING HIS CHILD!!!!!! Anyway, they were hooking up at his moms house for a couple of weeks before his little sister felt bad and told me about this Mary girl who was coming over to see him all the time. And she (Mary) even made the comment once” she won’t bring the baby out in the cold and come down here will she” so she definitely knew about me!!!!! So one night while my mom had the baby I went over to his moms house and sure enough this slut was sitting on his lap!!! Kissing all on his neck. So of course I chased her out and followed her but like the bitch she is, she wouldn’t face me just locked herself in her house and called the police. Nice right??? You can f*** someone else’s man but can’t face them like a woman???? And then had the nerve to message me online the next day asking me what I saw in him??? The father of my child!!! I simply replied”you must have seen something too…” || Like an idiot I forgave him for that whore. Not the next one though. There will be another exposure coming… Oh, almost forgot the best part…. His reason for cheating… I couldn’t”put out” because I had just recently had a baby, and he didn’t find stretch marks attractive. Nice…. Needless to say my life is tremendously better since his ass got kicked to the curb!!!!!

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