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So I ordered about $300 dollars worth of Mary kay products from a person I know. Fast forward a month and my products still haven”t gotten to me. Apparently she had them shipped to her house for some odd reason and not my residence which is a little strange so I called Mary kay to see what the deal was and the Mary kay rep on the phone said she had just ordered my products .. after a month really? So a day later she brings my products and it doesn”t look like I have everything so I ask her “is that everything?!” Her response “yes that”s everything” so little did she know earlier I talked to the rep and she told me all the products I ordered and when they where due to arrive so I guess my question is why am I missing items from my order that I paid my hard earned money for? I want the items I paid for or my money back I will NOT be ordering from Mary kay again because of this it”s annoying and unprofessional on her part. Just because you know me doesn”t mean you can screw me over

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