Mary Ann Champer – Chula Vista, California California


This disgusting piece of trash is as low as they come. She seduced my husband at work knowing full well that he had a wife and 2 sons. She had seen them come in to work and go out for lunch. It didn’t matter to her. She was a 25 year old single mom living in her parents house and then in her sons grandma’s house because her brother kept going to juvenile hall and psychiatric hospitals. She saw a good man as an opportunity. She scandalously went after him. He was going through a tough time. He was promoted and lived 1.5 hours from the workplace. He was stressed about his job, many other things, and her attention got the better of him. She was willing to pay for everything and lived minutes from their work. She would do anything anywhere. She chronicled the affair as well as every other happening in her pathetic lose life on public Internet sites such as Twitter Tumblr FB Instagram and SHE took screen shots of their text messages and pictures of anything she did or got from him. Desperate for validation and potential vindication. She hacked into his work account went into his email and copied down ALL his contacts. She found his wife’s private FB page via her private secondary email. She stalked her for two years. Then when he called her to end it in late October 2013, guess what she did? Sent the cruelest most insulting messages to his wife’s email and FB AND ALL of their family and friends. Then she lied that he was coercing her into sex in order to get him fired. Nobody liked her but they had to follow protocol due to the text messages and pictures she’d been saving up! Few months later she was fired for being late drunk high and not showing up. She made minimum wage. She didn’t care. Now she works at AMC theatre down the street from her old job still going nowhere in life living with her sons grandma broadcasting her repulsive life online. Though much was deleted before the court hearing on March 4th 2015 where the Judge threw the book at her and issued a court order for threats stalking and credible threats of violence. We are going to move for the SECOND TIME now. || She says she’s not remorseful and did nothing wrong and she says she collects men like trophies. She’s pure scum. Total sleazy garbage. Search her case file online at San Diego court website. Or social media @alwaysmaryannc. She’s trifling and obvious about it. Stay far far faaarrrrrrrrr away from this crazy psycho. Her parents have DV charges on file and her only sibling is nuts too.Some people should not have children. She’s is one of them.She didn’t care about the wife and sons she was hurting. She played with fire and got burned and made innocent people feel the pain. She calls herself degrading names talks about suicide and self mutilation being black hearted with no feelings and evil.Go look for yourself. || Biggest mistake of my husband’s life and he and our sons have been in counseling ever since. Horrible.

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By Ronald

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