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Complaint: Pro Se litigants beware of Martin SIR Attorney at Law in Nashville. Mr. Sir is abusing the system he is in by doctoring orders opposite of what judges state, and ONLY doing this to the opposing parties who are PRO SE. His clients then are able to take this false, fraudulent orders and abuse the Pro SE litigant until they get what they want by THEFT. This attorney has perpetuated on my family, and its time to expose. When I realized in April 2009, what was transpiring, as a Pro Se litigant, I started obtaining the CD’s of the hearings. I now have the evidence I need over the last year and a half and what has transpired in my own case to provide anyone that will help us a chance to expose this attorney for his ILLEGAL practices. THE poor deserve just as much say so in the system as the rich. Mr. Sir will also call you to change a hearing date and send you an unsigned agreed order, then show up on the original date to get the motions you filed DISMISSED. I have orders unsigned, opposite of what a judge said and it has enabled his clients to obtain people (yes people, as if they are property) by FRAUD. My previous court appointed attorney, has notified me of a recent order that is NOT the one she signed. I was informed there is another Pro Se litigant he is doing this to now. If anyone has experienced anything with this corrupt attorney please post. I am pursuing this legally with suit and would be happy to speak with you about your case as well. This attorney is EXPOSED.

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: Nashville, Tennessee United States of America


Phone: (615) 256-5661

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