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His name is Martin Gonzalez and is a disgusting scandalous liar that is married and has been trying to get at me for a good year and some months despite being told numerous times that I have a faithful and loving boyfriend. He started messaging me on kik and I have no clue how he got my kik ID because I never gave it to anyone except a few close friends. This guy actually tried to solicit me for sex in exchange for a donation to my GoFundMe campaign that I started to raise money to go see my boyfriend for the first time(we are an LDR couple) I told him that there was no way in hell that I would cheat on my man for money and that he was gross for even suggesting it. He had a girlfriend last year when he started his shameless pursuit of me on kik and was also seeing other women that were NOT his girlfriend. At the beginning of this year I found out that he got married and figured that he would finally quit trying to get me to sleep with him, I was wrong though because he steadily continued to try. || I went to Vegas for 2 weeks to finally be with my boyfriend in April and while I was there Martin messages me on kik and tells me he’s in town(where I live) and wants to hang out, I told him it wasn’t going to happen and then had my boyfriend call him and put an end to it, my boyfriend tried on his phone Martin wouldn’t answer so I called on my phone and put it on speaker, he answered instantly. Martin sounded like an idiot on the phone, stuttering and all he could say was”dude your girl ain’t worth it” and then he hung up on my boyfriend and then messaged me on kik and told me I was a joke…. no dude jokes on you! A few days ago my friend sent me a screenshot of his profile on POF and the link to it and asked me if this was the same guy that had been after me. Martin needs to be exposed for what he really is… A CHEAT AND A LIAR! He already lost his long time girlfriend that he has kids with and I am sure it’s because he couldn’t keep it in his pants and be faithful to her. He thinks it’s ok to cheat and lie and has no qualms about it. So shameful and gross! || Ladies if you run in to him or happen to view his profile on POF steer clear, he will not be faithful to you and is married to begin with!

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By Ronald

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