Marten Transport Grand Blanc Michigan Review


I Sensed That Something Was Wrong With My Truck. To Be More Specific, Something was wrong with my brakes. Thus, I was driving slowly, when my truck spun out of control and starting going backward. My speed was only around 50. I spent 1 month with my truck in a repair shop in Ohio, and I resided in Michigan. I spent the month checking on my truck, traveling to Ohio on my own, and eventually turned the truck back in Wi. They did a quick assessment blame everything on me, saying that I probably panicked. I told him it wasn’t even possible , since I was Ex- Air forcenMaintenance Specialist, having made Sgt. inside of 18 months, and placed over 5o men my first week of service. Next, I had several awards as a highly decorated fire-fighter in my state, including an 18 month old child I rescued without any gear, and ended up in the hospital for a week, getting all the glass out of me. They fired me, told my $1200, and tried to put me on the bus. That’s when I went off!! and the Police had to be called. I get robbed, and I have to do the time ofnone year in my home state of Michigan, without pay! Oh, Mr. Marten told me that he had over 400 drivers with the same problem from the trucks. Showed me the stack of terminated drivers on his desk. My guess, cheaper to get rid of driver, and steal from them, than fix the tractors.

129 Marten St. Mondovi, Wisconsin United States of America

715 926 4216

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By Ronald

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