Marshall Carriage Company//Brian S. Mason Battle Creek Michigan


Complaint: Beware of Brian Mason, owner of the Marshall Carriage Company of Marshall, Michigan. Not only is he a bad business owner but horse owner as well. Brian also can have a temper so do not piss him off. He is VERY verbally abusive and careless about his employee’s and horses. DO NOT WORK FOR HIM!!! Brian will try to be your best friend and buy you things to blind you of what he is really doing, stealing your hard earned money to stab you in the back in the end. Brian is an alcoholic and drinks all day everyday. This is probably what links to his abusive and aggressive behavior. His horses are the worst of this all. Not only does Brian lie to the city and newpapers that his horses are legal but don’t take care of them either. He states that his horses are vaccinated against all viruses, rabies, and has a negative coggins on all of them. This is false. Even the department of agriculture doesn’t have any coggins filed on his horses. He also doesn’t pay his animal service providers promptly (vet clinics, farriers, etc.). Probably because he rather spend $50.00 at the bar every night then take care of his horses. He just “sold”” his two mares because he knew he would get in trouble with them. One mare had side bone in three of her hooves and could barely walk because he didn’t medicate her. In the recent Marshall Advisor he stated they were 17 years old. Go ahead and call Dr. Irvings office

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Address: they will tell you they were both 22 years old. Way too old to be working as much as they did. He hardly gets hay delivered to his horses and they have nothing to graze in the small paddock of about one acre. They have been seen chewing trees and the plastic fencing. As for grain

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