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I am writing this to provide information for those considering buying into Marriott Vacation Club. Talk to an owner and ask lots of questions. Our experience is that is has been difficult to make reservations when and where we would like to travel because of limited availability. I have come to the conclusion that this program only works possibly for those who know when and where they want to go 1 year in advance and have the opportunity to travel off season if needed. I was prompted to write this report today after talking to MVC customer care for the 3rd or 4th time trying to find a beach resort on the East Coast during a week in August. She told me there was no availability, but if I wanted to purchase rooms, she could put me in touch with a vacation specialist for a 70% discount for rooms in Hilton Head. I’ve also had a sales rep calling me from the Myrtle Beach location offereing special deals to come and stay there. The trouble is I can’t use my points to book rooms. The conclusion is that there are no rooms for MVC owners who have invested thousands of dollars into the program, but rooms are available for outside paying customers. I also went ahead and tried to schedule for next March 2018 with flexibility of 3 or 4 nights during the week at two different restorts, but only to hear there is no availability. My option is to go on a wait list now that ties up my points as long as I am waiting for some rooms to open up. The ironic thing is I can go online and book rooms at those places next March, but I can’t use my very expensive points. Also, beware of rising maintenance costs annually. During the sales pitch we only heard how many possibilites we had to use the resorts all over the world, but in reality, we have very limited possibilities. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with all the rules and limitations of using your points, and book directly with MVC resorts. Enjoy the resorts without the hassle of ownership. Beware of high pressure glossy sales pitches.

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