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Marlene Farren of Bellmawr NJ is currently married with 4 kids, 3 with her husband Jamie Farren and 1 Illegitimately with Nicholas Dehner of Pine Hill, NJ. The purpose of my post is to warn anyone who’s boyfriend or husband becomes friends with her. She has mostly male friends, and a lot of them. She regularly has sex outside her marriage with them whenever she can get away, and will have either her husband or her baby’s daddy watch them while she goes “shopping”. She does this with different men, and doesn’t really care who they are attached to, as long as she gets what she wants. What she may be spreading around from guy to guy I can’t imagine. She did leave her home with Jamie in May of 2012 and moved in with Patrick Caven of Swedesboro NJ until August 2013,and hid this from most everyone. This got her a bigger house and some distance from Bellmawr. She continued the same lifestyle until Patrick got tired of her lies and sneakiness. She moved back to Bellmawr with her husband if you can believe that, where she continues her disgusting lifestyle. She uses men for sex and money and whatever else she can get. She will F*c# your boyfriend, husband, it doesn’t matter to her. Be safe, check your mans phone, facebook, messenger, twitter, email, anyway he communicates.(sunflowirs) She uses every way possible. Someone who has slept with that many men and continues to do so has to have every disease known! Be careful! She ruined my life and if you let her she will ruin yours!!!!!!

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By Ronald

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