Marlena Savino Newburgh, New York New York


This started a while back. She was new to work and her reputation followed her quickly. Within a few months she was having sex with multiple people at the job. She eventually got fired for her indiscretion. There was wife’s constantly coming to confront her. We met through another friend I tried to not judge her for her reputation. She came over my house and that’s where she met my husband. Right after she kept coming on to him through Facebook. Sending nudes pictures and trying to have sex with him. My husband ended up blocking her from Facebook. But she kept insisting. I just found out that she found a way to get back in touch with him. She invited my husband over. I know she had sex with him. And kept sending nudes until he fell for it. She has ruined a good marriage. My husband has never cheated on me before this and we been together for almost 9 years. She threw herself at him and I hope this help other wife’s see what kind of homewrecker she is. I am not the first person whose marriage gets ruin by this same girl. her conduct was a malicious interference between me and my husband. She acted with no regard and such vicious person should be punish by law. When I first met her I tried to give her a hand. Helped her when she needed someone, picked up her son from daycare so she could work. When her car was repossessed I was the one driving her. invited her to my family parties. And all the time she was trying to get my husband in bed. I found some real nasty pictures of her, and even after she new I found out she was still trying to get with him. Me and my husband will be going to counseling but I don’t know i f I would ever forgive such a betrayal of trust. This is what you call a low life. Someone that feeds from causing pain. She has wreck countless marriages and relationships. I don’t think she has ever been with anyone that wasn’t married or in relationship.

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By Ronald

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