Marlaina Aguilar Tuscon, Arizona Arizona


To begin I must applaud Marlaina’s mother for doing such a wonderful job at raising such a shameful bitch. I cannot imagine the emotions my mother would have if I pursued a relationship with a married man. Your family must be so proud of all of your accomplishments including being obesity over weight, no college education, zero respect for marital boundaries, and most importantly a lifetime awaiting of loneliness and misery. || It is a proven statistic that 90% of women whom of which married men cheat on their wives with are fat, ugly and simply dumb. Marlinia, is the proof of all of this! || I could do horrible things to this women, however it simply isn’t worth my time. I truly believe karma is a royal bitch and she will live a long, long life with zero joy and happiness. She will die an old bitter women much like the person she is today. || If it is competition you want, well you got it. MY husband is with ME, trying his hardest to make ME happy, NOT you! Even so, if this were not true I still would win. I have SELF RESPECT. I am STRONG and INDEPENDENT. You have no idea what kind of person you got in the middle of. I can guarantee you, without any hesitation, I WILL ALWAYS WIN! I will be happy not only in my relationship but with myself. People like you, with no self respect and lack of confidence will go nowhere in life and people like me will run you over! || Marlaina, let me give you some advice. Do not go after married men. You have no right to do so. Marriage is work and there is only room for TWO people in it. I do not blame you for taking a shot. You saw a man in a vulnerable spot. He is successful, attractive and probably to best thing to give you attention. But let me tell you why. YOU ARE EASY! I too can see right through your fat self. You are easy to get and you are easy to throw away, well in the figurative sense. || I would never wish anyone ill, even a person as awful as you. I do wish you a marriage of YOUR OWN with a man that will not love you and a man that will treat you like the piece of trash you are. || Enjoy your life now because you are going straight to Hell.

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By Ronald

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