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I work for the CEO of a travel company and while on Facebook, an ad appeared advertising this company and their promises to have exceptional marketing options for Travel Agents, however, I couldn’t find any testimonies in the comments, so I clicked it off. I then headed over to my Instagram page and the same ad appeared again, so I dedicated to sign up for the training because it was promising to offer marketing training for Travel Agents. The training was NOT an actual training but a PITCH to buy her services. What I didn’t know is when I registered our company for the services it was a scheme. You see, on these “training calls” Heidi tells you that she’s offering you a one time exclusive opportunity which is a flat out LIE! She makes you think that you have to join her company right then and there or you’ll never be able to receive the offers again, but what she fails to tell you is that she runs that same scam on each of her calls. | Meanwhile, you only have until the end of the call to sign up. No where in the call does she tell you that the “set up” fee of almost $300 that you pay to her is non refundable. | She only tells you that it will be 30 days before you are charged again. She manages to not highlight that missing piece while she is hurrying you to register. You will find this hidden on another page. Again, it’s no where in plain sight. Anyway, after registering I figured that it was a misleading scam. She sends you hundreds of emails so there’s no way on earth that you can ever complete the course, therefore she will be able to charge you the $97 per month because you’ll never be able to keep up. We never accessed the course or any of the materials and asked for a refund and she refused. She claimed that we would be listed on another outside professional travel page for an added value and this never happened either. Everyone on my Team caught on to her scheme quickly. | I sent an email asking Heidi to give me the date that I could cancel so that our company would not be charged again and instead she emailed back and stated that she had already cancelled us without our permission and again this was without our permission and we never ever accessed her site or received any materials from her. She scammed us out of almost $300 and tried to clear up her scam in the end which was a great fail. We have warned our over 15,000 travel partners of her scam as well as showed our receipts. She was upset with us because we called her out with her scam. She prays on Travel Agents who are desperate because of the myth that Travel Agents are a dying breed. She continues to email us to try to sell to us. We had to report abuse. Her entire program is very misleading. I have learned my lesson buying any course or materials from social media. More than likely it is a scam and you will always lose your money. Our account was cancelled without permission, we were mislead and lied to and no refund was ever issued. We are taking this to the Attorney General.


  • Name: Marketing for Travel Agents
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Wilkes-Barre
  • Address: 8 West Market Street Suite 1115-A
  • Phone: 1-800-281-6380
  • Website:

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