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Ok, so Mark will have you listen in to phone conferences and make everything sound good in the beginning. He will have a $3,000 program and also a $5,000 program. Do not sign up for either. Supposedly if you sign up for the $5,000 course you can get your money back if you fill out 25 call sheets and read and listen to Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Success Quadrant, Retire Young Retire Rich, and Real Estate Riches, but I don’t believe it. If you still don’t believe this guy is a scam you can listen in to the conference calls at 515-604-9576 access code 974024 and they are almost every Sunday central time start arouned 7pm to 8pm and run an hour or more. Sometimes at the same time during the week. He travels around a lot to New Mexico, and various places to sign up other silly people who want to join his team. DON’T DO IT! The problem with this MENTOR if we shall call him one is that he will say he is going to meet up with you and doesn’t, and will talk down on you like you’re a child. He will speak of Bruce in New Mexico which I have also found and is probably scamming people with this guy on other websites and likes to go to Hot Springs resort in New Mexico. I hope somebody finds him and beats the living crap out of him. He will say he’s not a guru, I say buyer beware and steer clear, heed my warning!

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