Mark P. Mueller, MD, FACS Vascular Surgery Medical School: University of California, Los Angeles Residency: Harbor-UCLA Medical Center Fellowship: Baylor University Los Angeles California


Complaint: Dr. Mark Mueller was unable to get to the source of my medical problem despite repeated office visits. I was his patient for many years but when I developed a serious problem and needed him, I felt that he let me down. It seemed that Dr. Mark Mueller was quick and avoided listening to my concerns and by the time things got way out of hand, I developed several infections requiring admission for several weeks in the hospital and almost died. Thankfully I had another doctor who took care of what Dr Mark Mueller missed. He did not believe that I had a valid medical problem. When he could not help me after six months of appointments and did not think that I should be referred to another specialist, I decided to find another doctor. My current doctor is personable and addresses medical issues in a kindly and professional manner. It is wonderful to be listened to with courtesy and respect. I am thrilled that I made the choice to find another doctor. I have confidence that when I really need medical help, my doctor will do his very best for me. My recommendations are to steer clear of Dr Mark Mueller as I believe he is a bad doctor.

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Address: 6041 Cadillac Ave Los Angeles, California United States of America



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