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Here for your consideration is a male. I would say a man but that would be a disgrace to any honest men anywhere. While I am not saying that the female in this is any better, I do think without his influence. Her and I might have been able to hold to the family together long enough to work out her medication problem. || She….lets call her Brit. Well Brit and I were together about 5 years. When we first met it was great there is an age difference between us but it wasn’t really a problem. I have two sons from another, she was great with them and really did treat them like her sons. || She had ask about having a baby and while I was a little hesitant because she suffers from depression (bi-polar or cyclic). I thought we were in committed enough to do that. So we did and in November 2012 we have a wonderful little girl. So to fast forward it is December of 2013 and she has an episode and decides to go back with her mother for for while. After a week her mom calls me says it is Brit’s medication and that she loves me and wants to work it out. I was so happy to hear all of that. || February she moves back in with me, and things are working out until mid April. She starts wanting to hang out at the bar with her”friends”. Little did I know what”friend” really means and thought she was just having some girl’s night out. I did remind her of the medication and what drinking might do. She just kept saying she could do what she wanted. || On May 27th she informs me that she has decided to leave me. I am pretty much just blindsided by everything. I knew that she was lying about places she had been but never had any proof. She tells me like three times there is no one else. Which with her history means there is. || She leaves and then two weeks later she is doing all kinds of things her and I used to go together with him. Two weeks after that he says that he is going to meet a”new girl” which of course is her. || I didn’t know what was going until I ran into an old friend of mine. After that I got a note that explained it all. She had been seeing this guy while she was with me, then decided that he was worth more than the family that her and I had built. She has taken our daughter pretty much away from me and is leaving me to battle for her through the legal system. || He has broken up another home I come to find out. He didn’t have a job when they were going out, and still doesn’t have a place of his own. He is now working as a CNA. So not only did he help break up a family but he has Brit thinking they are going to have a relationship. If he post something on FB she instantly likes it no matter what it is, can be a pic with him and another girl that he finds”interesting”. His birthday she put balloons all over his car. Mine…well I got to see my daughter a few hours. || I really don’t know which one to blame the most. But really does it matter? She is as much of the homewrecker as he is. I guess the 10 year age difference didn’t bother her this time. || First picture is of her and him together….being all lovey at the bar, can find them there or at her HUD apartment when she can find a sitter for our daughter. Yep, there is your tax dollars at work. || Second one is why I am so bitter toward her and him. This is what they wrecked. She not only broke up the home for me but for the two children that had a family there, look at that and you tell me which would be more important to you. I sure as hell wouldn’t give up a loving partner and time with children I call mine for some looser. Let alone abandon and separate a boy I called son from a family that he had. WTF is wrong with people in this day and age. || *I do not post photos of Children on this site. . EVER. . . || Ariella

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