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I already exposed the sorry ass girlfriend Elizabeth Terrazas so now it’s time to expose the married ASSHOLE Mark Beals. Mark and I were married for over twenty years when I came home unexpectedly and caught him screwing an employee on our bed in our house. This was three days after my birthday, and two weeks before our twentieth wedding anniversary and the weeks after we had gone on a family vacation. I can honestly say that I had no clue. My husband was always telling me how much he loved me, showering me with gifts and always very affectionate. Nothing in his behavior indicated that he was cheating. Imagine my surprise and disgust when I walked in on these two!!! Apparently the affair had gone on for months. I know now that this was not his first. She was one of many. The night I caught them I lost it completely, my husband called the police on me and tried to have me arrested and removed from our house while his girlfriend hid in the bathroom. The night I caught them I called his district manager and told her about their affair, it is against company policy for a manager to have a physical relationship with a subordinate, I also called the store and informed the night crew what happened because I knew the word would get out. It did, and they had to do the walk of shame the next day. I also found love letters that they wrote to one another. || My husband had to get the Spanish translator app on his phone because her English is broken. He would go to her house after work for blow jobs and sex. She would cook for him. She even did his laundry when I was out of town due to my job. She introduced him to her daughters and granddaughters. What a role model she is!!! Did she introduce him as her married boss that she was secretly having an affair with?!?! || Fortunately Karma did her job. My husband dumped his whore ten days after being humiliated. He was written up and transferred to a lesser volume store and eventually moved out of state relocating within the company. Karma continued there and he was fired from his job. He lost his house, three vehicles and all of his self respect and dignity. He did however win a raging case of Herpes and genital warts!!!!! Karma is a beautiful thing!!! What is even better is we used condoms so I didn’t catch her diseases!!!!!

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By Ronald

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