Marissa Lovegrove – Lansing, Mississippi Mississippi


I have never met this tramp face to face. My boyfriend knew I would kick her ass if I ever did meet her. About a month after he moved in, this girl sent him a text message while he was out. Curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to see who she was. I figured an ex co-worker. I wasn’t expecting her to be someone that was destroying my home. We had been dating for 6 months. We had been friends for almost a year before we started dating. As I was reading the text messages, I looked back and they were calling each other”babe” and flirting. Okay, whatever. Not a big deal. Then, dirty talk started happening. Sexy pictures were being sent from her. I ended up deleting them so he wouldn’t see. He talked about wanting to be with her when he had just moved in with me. I asked for them to stop. He did. She didnt. 9 months go by. I’m pregnant with our 2nd child. Who shows up on his snapchat? This girl! I asked him about it. He lied at first. Then, was honest because I had caught him. She knew we had been together. She knew we were having a baby because she even congratulated him. She knew he was with me before he moved in. Fast forward to last summer. We got into an argument. He left to stay at a friends house. He said he would be home after his friends brother left. || Which was 3 days from that day. Well, that day came. He didn’t come home. So, I got a little upset and decided to snoop around a bit. I go on to his friends facebook page. Come to find out, this little whore had been living there for the past month or so! He was making excuses not to come home because of her. He ended up staying there until she moved. Now, he has her blocked on everything. He hasn’t talked to her in forever. But, she keeps trying to wiggle her snakey ass in between us. She tries to contact him through those friends. Says she misses him. All sorts of crap. I know he hasn’t been in contact with her. He isn’t good at hiding things. I caught him trying to reply to a girl who posted herself on Craigslist. He forgot all about the email he was going to send her. But, this girl still tries and initiates something. I always make sure she’s not going over to his friends house whenever he wants to hangout with them. This girl is really lucky that we haven’t met. She has no respect of any kind. Not even self respect. I hope karma comes and bites this turd right in the tush.

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By Ronald

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